2023 Lyrics – YSN Flow

2023 Lyrics - YSN Flow
2023 Lyrics - YSN Flow

2023 Lyrics – YSN Flow: Presenting the lyrics of the song “2023” sung by YSN Flow. The producer of this song is Jeffuwy & CashMoneyAP.

2023 Lyrics – YSN Flow

Do money really take the pain away?
Woke up, feel the same today
Put myself down so much but don’t know why ’cause I came away
Vibes weird and I fade away
Got lost but I made a way
I don’t want to be bothered
I just want love, some time with my bae today

Come wake me up when this shit over
Spirits high, but the devil loud on my shoulder
Feel like at the least, I owe my mama that Rover
Smitty died, I got high I cried for my closure
Wish I would’ve answered all your calls, but it’s too late now
Know it’s gon’ hurt to see that grave, I still ain’t stepped inside that place where you got laid down
Blowin’ smoke while these tears roll down my face now
Used to hang out with the world, but kickin’ it I just hate now
I ain’t the same no more
Ever since I came up they been tryna scam
I don’t want the fame no more
Industry ain’t really feelin’ me, I really worked for mine and they silver spoon, you good off family wealth
My people ain’t got shit I go hard ’cause I’m my familys help
Nigga tell me what your life like
Where I’m from you got to keep a gun, these niggas might fight
My mama stressed, I ain’t make it home before them night lights
She don’t know I been out wit’ my guys tryna make life right
Me, Myself, and I that’s when I die and I know that’s life right
You can’t say I ain’t try,
I know that I tried, we just ain’t see eye to eye
So locked in with my guys, if they go slide, bitch you know I’mma ride
I fell so in love with my chopper
Attach double D’s and spin like I’m Osama
Fuck the beef, I’m chasin’ cheese, don’t want no drama
Make a call, they on your street if it’s a problem
My niggas crash out when they mad and I can’t stop ’em

YSN Flow – 2023 Song Details

Song: 2023
Singer: YSN Flow
Produced by: Jeffuwy & CashMoneyAP
Release Date: January 8, 2023