Fuck Opps Lyrics – G Herbo

Fuck Opps Lyrics - G Herbo
Fuck Opps Lyrics - G Herbo

Fuck Opps Lyrics – G Herbo: Presenting the lyrics of the song “Fuck Opps” sung by G Herbo.

Fuck Opps Lyrics – G Herbo

Fuck opps
Fuck opps
Fuck opps
Fuck opps

You niggas ain’t hardly ready
Pick up that load it’s starters heavy
Playing it smart, the shit a get deadly
Can’t forget it and can’t regret it
Soon as he pick up that pole he ready
Don’t even matter how old, he ready
Niggas gon’ catch ’em and try to get at ’em
Better stay focused and hold it steady
Youngin pressure
How you do think it’s your best when this shit put you up to the test
You under pressure
Tell me what’s happening next when your heart jumping out of your chest
That paranoia turned into stress
You seeing soldiers less and less
Over your shoulder niggas get stretched
Offense turned to defense, defense, press

Bitches it’s the G in the flesh
In that GTS
I just felt like flexing
What’s your first impression?
Better second-guess it
What’s your first impression?
You in here with some steppers
Throw a switch at whoever
Aim it at whoever
My chain change the weather
Got a whole lot of change on my schedule
Big ring embezzled
Bitch think she special
Bitch think I’m sweating her
Bitch I’m finessing
Bitch regular

Brand new spot, “Swerv, why you need a brand new spot?”
‘Cause when I’m alone I sit back and plot
All by myself to get to the top
I got a brand-new Glock in the spot
Brand new Glock and I’ll make it hot
I might let it go off ’til it stop
You know how I rock, fuck opps

Fuck opps
Fuck opps
Fuck opps (Smoke)
Fuck opps

Better run
Jump, what, jump
Jump, what, jump
Jump, what, run
Run, what, jump, jump

With Kobe and Roc
I don’t even see no opps
Ain’t none of them niggas richer than me so I don’t ever see no opps
Still got 30 shots
I don’t even need no opps
Still put a nigga on Fox
Still on top

Young niggas got automatics in traffic, nobody be on they block
If he got whacked, you won’t get back
We on yachts
We on jets
Got a plot
This shit don’t stop
We having a lot (Yeah)
Niggas be talking a lot
Ain’t nothin’ to be talking about
It’s smoke or it’s not
What’s poppin’, pussy
I’ll pop a pussy
Herbo back on his bully
All black in his hoodie
I ain’t driving a buggie
But Herbie loaded is fully (On foe nem)

Fuck opps
Fuck opps
Fuck opps
Fuck opps

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Song: Fuck Opps
Singer: G Herbo