Keep It Light Lyrics – Jack Harlow

Keep It Light Lyrics – Jack Harlow: Presenting the lyrics of the song “Keep It Light” sung by Jack Harlow. This song is produced by Harry Fraud.

On “Keep It Light”, Harlow raps about his rapid come also admits that the praise is making him uncomfortable. He even talks about his concern about the rap game in the second verse.

Keep It Light Lyrics – Jack Harlow

I’m everything that I said I’d be
Everything that I bet I’d be
All the kids that I grew up with
They see me out and congratulate me
Couple of ’em just graduated
Couple of ’em done had a baby
But all of ’em look at my life and say, “That’s amazing”
I say thank you like twenty times
Try to talk about somethin’ else
Reminisce on some funny time
Truthfully, I’m not comfortable with gettin’ all the praise
Even more when y’all get to drinkin’ and start tellin’ me all the things
That you really think
Likе what I should’ve done differеntly
What you think of my energy
The downsides that come with being friends with me
I can tell you think this the realest that anybody’s ever been with me
But luckily I got PG
And luckily I keep them with me
I keep it humble so you can have a good time
I keep it light so you can have a lil’ shine
And I sleep at night just fine
I tried to be kind
Now I’m speakin’ my mind
(Time, ah-ah)
I like how you got the vocals (In my time, ah-ah)
Just make ’em like a little less harsh
That’s the only thing
But it’s in that good world (In my time, ah-ah)
(In my time, ah-ah)
Right here? Look
(La música de Harry Fraud)
Once people lose touch with ya
They start to hate ya
Start to show you they true nature
Start to be the ones in the comments
That’s talkin’ ’bout you like you a stranger
Talkin’ ’bout ya like y’all didn’t have class together
Talkin’ like you not humble now or you acting better
Speakin’ on the things you’ve done that they haven’t ever
I play the game, you watch the game like Adam Schefter
I created this added pressure
I’m the one that made Jack get better
Tone it down? I could never, ooh
All the greats caught all the hate
All the rappers I love most at one point got called a fake
Everybody seem to know the song that I oughta make
Know the route that I oughta take
I put too much work in to just call it fate
But I keep it humble so you can have a good time
I keep it light so you can have a lil’ shine
And I sleep at night just fine
I tried to be kind
Now I’m speakin’ my mind
(Time, ah-ah)
I told your brother this, so I’ma tell you this
This is probably advice I keep giving you frequently
And probably will continue to give it to you frequently because
It’s made a difference in my life
Take some moments today during the shoot to look around
Look at the faces of all the people you’ve brought together
Watch their reactions
Look at the joy on their faces
Take a moment to really absorb what you’ve created
What you’re creating
And try to savor it
I know that you and I are built the same and that it’s never enough
There’s always some other thing we want to accomplish, but
Just lean back for a moment today
And really comprehend the greatness that you’ve made
Love you, babe
Keep It Light Lyrics - Jack Harlow

Jack Harlow – Keep It Light Song Details

Song: Keep It Light
Singer: Jack Harlow
Produced by: Harry Fraud
Written By: Jack Harlow, Nicholas Smith & Harry Fraud
Label: Atlantic Records & Generation Now
Release Date: December 11, 2020