Letter to Big Dump Lyrics – YoungBoy Never Broke Again

Letter to Big Dump Lyrics - YoungBoy Never Broke Again
Letter to Big Dump Lyrics - YoungBoy Never Broke Again

Letter to Big Dump Lyrics – YoungBoy Never Broke Again: Presenting the lyrics of the song “Letter to Big Dump” sung by YoungBoy Never Broke Again.

Letter to Big Dump Lyrics – YoungBoy Never Broke Again

Jake Angel on the track
Oh, Desmond
Oh, Dump, oh, my friend
Ooh, ooh, yeah-eah-eah
Ooh, ooh, la-la-la, la, la, la
Ooh, ooh, I tried, I tried, I tried

Lil’ sister left me and I ain’t been the same
I still see my daddy hidin’ somethin’ from me, and I think it’s pain
I thought this money would change everything, and it did
I don’t know who I’m is, I don’t see my kids
I lost my friends, I need you now
I, I’ma tell you now that I got my back against the wall
But I’m not fucked up, I just need to watch ’em all
I clench my fist, I know they see my flaws
Oh, he show them all love, all
But they not real, they not here for me, my nigga, huh
I put my gun down, I cry every night for the ones laid down
I sit in our ‘Villе, lookin’ down on our town
How the fuck he gon’ treat mе like I ain’t his son neither?
Why the fuck she gon’ treat me this way behind a bitch when I showed from the start I’d never leave her?
Look inside my eyes, I know they seen evil
But I been this way since I was a child and I feel I’m the one who deserve to leave here
I had a conversation with the man who contracted your life to be gone
I hope you seen my progress and glad I’m movin’ on, I’m grown
I got a beautiful family up inside my home
I see the whole city bashin’ me
But ,when they had the chance to play with me
I ain’t needed one of ’em, drop their nuts to see that I’ma make ’em bleed
I bleed, big Bs
That’s me, I ain’t change for no one, nah
I ain’t get the chance to see Ten daughter and it’s fuckin’ with me, slime
Her daddy out there thuggin’ and I’ma be the one have to hold her down
My baba, I apologize
I think about how this all gone wrong and then I cry, my nigga
I’m a real Christian, I think of you, and I issue Allah
I say, “Amen,” but all for you, I learned ashe
They think I’m crazy from all this pain runnin’ deep through me
All the hurtful things, I just sit ’round and play like I don’t see
Give up all these things for to feel my grandma kiss on me
Broke down and I cried, ran to the bathroom, Jaz followed behind
She had to hold me and tell me, “Everything gon’ be fine”
Oh, I’m slime, I pray for Thug askin’ God one more time
If you ain’t had one, we all deserve a second chance to shine
Motherfuck that jury, I send a million dollars right now to shine
That’s if you need me, ’cause I know one day, I’ma need you, nigga
If you ain’t supporting anything that I’m on you don’t need me, nigga
He went on live, I heard his son say he smokin’ on Top, huh?
That’s fucked up, you mad I speak my mind and you my fuckin’ fam’

Fire, I adapted and it don’t burn
I’m havin’ plans on goin’ higher
Spread my wings, fly away on my own
I told ’em that I would be so real
Searchin’ the skies all for my friends
I’m tryna find a way on your end
Promisin’ you I’d never leave again
Never left me, nah, you never left me, nah

And I ain’t missin’ you now, I know you see me smile
I’m in this big-ass house, limited love, I need all
Got off of drugs, I’m strong, no, they ain’t feelin’ me now
I’m gon’ take the long road
And I don’t care, I’m not scared of anything that I run into
The long road, long as you there
They ain’t ever been able to fuck with us, I know we good
No, they don’t know me good
Try to find another that go about it like me, they’ll never do it
Ridin’ through my section, everyone property, I done been through it
Whoever truly proud of me, I just tell ’em all, “We could all do it”
Bud let my daddy, brother and my uncle and I hold it down for ’em
Even when I call he ain’t gon’ come, but shit, I’ma go to war for him
Tell my enemies, “My soul strong, I don’t need to bear arms”
Please leave me ‘lone ’cause if you fuck up, then I’ma have to touch you one
Nigga, I’m on one, no, fuck that, nigga, I’m on a million
Savin’ all these millions for my children, it’s time I help civilians
Before they get caught up in all these killings, I know you know this serious
Givin’ all this shit back to my city and they system plannin’ to kill me, it’s a dirty world
Daddy steady textin’ me, I don’t wanna talk, my nigga
Gave you the world, I even gave it to the ones spit me out, my nigga, and you still don’t hit me
I seen you run off when you down, my tears soundin’ like a fountain
Ain’t even from upstairs, know my daughter hear it
Tell my judge, “Just let me take some flowers to my grandma grave one more time”
And I won’t give my time to y’all, I say, “Not one more time”
My light not dim, they shut it off, but again, I’m gon’ shine
A man before anything, who the fuck is I? Lil Top

Fire, I adapted and it don’t burn
I’m havin’ plans on goin’ higher
Spread my wings, fly away on my own
I told ’em that I would be so real
Searchin’ the skies all for my friends
I’m tryna find a way on your end
Promisin’ you I’d never leave again
Never left me, nah

Oh, ooh, oh, man
You never left me, nah
You ain’t ever leave me, nigga
I had to sit, and, I had to sit and tell myself that
I don’t tell you nothin’ personal, man
You wouldn’t believe the people I been havin’ conversations with
I feel good about myself, I feel good, bro, it’s crazy
I’m over here, I’m gettin’ myself together, Dump
I’m startin’ to see the real nigga, I’m too real
I’m holdin’ it down, man, I know, I know for a fact, you proud
You all the meaningful things, and, that’s where you at right now, my nigga
So I know you know it’s a bigger side of life, you heard me?
I’m still tryna get my friends on, what I say?
The ones who I thought was my friends, thought was my friends
I’m tryna get them to see I never turned my back on you, nigga
I’ll forever go, I-I’m on anything you on, my nigga, long as it’s the right thing, you heard me?
I got a family now, I wish you could see my daughters, Dump
You hear me? My Mumu and [?], I got Klemenza too, and I got seven others
It’s a beautiful lifestyle, my nigga, it’s a beautiful one
And no matter what, I don’t wanna lose this for nothin’, you hear me?
But I’ll lose it for the ones who love me
I still ain’t get put in no family pictures yet, my nigga
I think I gotta, I think I been livin’ in a false, in a false tale, or some shit
In a life that ain’t real, you hear me?
But I got to understand, though, it’s a lot I gotta understand
I still got a lot of more growin’ to do
Ayy, I know she listenin’, but, man, ayy tell my grandmother, “I did it”
I did it, nigga, you hear me?
In a, in a minute, I’ma come back and take care of your family the right way, you hear me?
Shoutout BandMan, that my lil’ nigga, man
Shoutout Birdman, my nigga Jeezy
I already got y’all, but boys straight
Quincy comin’ home in a minute, man
Ayy, this shit get gangster, nigga, this shit still gangster
I had to learn it ain’t worth it
But you know it’s when I’m workin’, I’m workin’ one from behind scenes, you hear me?
I had to tell ’em, “This money ain’t purple, it ain’t green, nigga, these all blues”
Haha, let’s see if they catch that, let’s see if it go over their head, nigga
This money all blue, nigga, you hear me?
Down South, the sky orange, up here, the late-night sky blue
Hold it down up there, man
I’ll be headed your way soon
Flyin’ like a eagle, nigga searchin’ for ya, and I ain’t gon’ stop until I find ya
Sincerely, your lil’ brother, Top
Go holler at lil’ sister for me, man
Tell her, “It’s all good,” my nigga, it’s good

YoungBoy Never Broke Again – Letter to Big Dump Song Details

Song: Letter to Big Dump
Singer: YoungBoy Never Broke Again
Produced by: Jake Angel Beats
Release Date: December 28, 2022