Sleepless Lyrics – Lil Wayne

Sleepless Lyrics – Lil Wayne: Presenting the lyrics of the song “Sleepless” from the Album RBG 3 sung by Lil Wayne. This song is produced by Drew Fulk and released on 17 December 2019.

Sleepless Lyrics – Lil Wayne

Angels, witches
Angels, witches

Demonic, exotic; exotic, demonic
I pop oxycodone like antibiotic
Textin my phone, right now I’m on molly
It got me perspirin’ like I’m in Somalia
I should be more careful, right now I be wildin’
I could be more helpful, could not be more stylish
She could be my devil, she might be my goddess
It could be Satanic, it might be platonic
I tip my hat to her, she’d rather dollars
I drip a bath for her, she’d rather shower
She turned her back on me, I just massage her
Knew we were a match; didn’t know we started fires
A bird is a plane? If it is, it’s a private
Swerve in the lane, she either hittin’ or dodgin’
Meet me at the crossroads, I’m in the middle of rush hour
I’m the end of the road, Boyz II Men [?}

Angels and witches
Angels and witches
Bengals and kittens
Swingas and hittas
Signels and sinners
Ankles, physicians
The pictures, the painters
The sick one, the sane one
The lit one, the lame one
The mistress, the main one
The witch and the angel

Just got it started, y’all are welcome to finish…

Sleepless Lyrics - Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne – Sleepless Song Details

Song: Sleepless
Singer: Lil Wayne
Produced by: Drew Fulk
Album: RBG 3
Written By: Drew Fulk & Lil Wayne
Release Date: December 17, 2019