STILL C U Lyrics – Jessie Reyez

STILL C U Lyrics - Jessie Reyez
STILL C U Lyrics - Jessie Reyez

STILL C U Lyrics – Jessie Reyez: Presenting the lyrics of the song “STILL C U” sung by Jessie Reyez.

STILL C U Lyrics – Jessie Reyez

The best advice I ever got was just to let it go 
Family says I smile a lot more when I’m on my own
But when I finally feel free 
you get the urge to message me 
Swear you never miss a beat 
and the song is on repeat 

I still see you in my sleep 
How come I still see you when I dream
I been running from the truth 
but it don’t matter what I do
It never matters what I do 
I just can’t get away from you 
Can’t get away from you 

When you got a girl I got myself an enemy 
Cuz I need all your attention like a centrepiece 
And though we’re both trying to be friends 
And though we’re both way past the end 
of everything we could have been 
My broken heart still lets you in 

Good thing I never held my breath 
I would have died an early death 
Waiting for you to value me 
Waiting for you fail my test (ya)
F is for faking love
F is for forgetting us 
F is for feelings that faded while you fucked around and left me 
down down down 
With every girl that you found found found 
I’m like Mary going down down down 
You’re like a dog in a pound pound pound 
Had me looking like a clown clown clown 
Got me out here crying out loud 
Especially when the sun go down 
Hit me when the sun go down

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Singer: Jessie Reyez