Tryna Go Viral Lyrics – YSN Flow

Tryna Go Viral Lyrics - YSN Flow
Tryna Go Viral Lyrics - YSN Flow

Tryna Go Viral Lyrics – YSN Flow: Presenting the lyrics of the song “Tryna Go Viral” sung by YSN Flow.

Tryna Go Viral Lyrics – YSN Flow

Ayyy, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

She tryna’ go viral
Came in here, Ray J, she wear no makeup, the value of plain Jane
I call up bro, he gon’ spin like a Beyblade
Strapped like the Navy, highest like [?]
Pulled out a brand new whip
BB, fuckin’ a brand new bitch
EE, put on some brand new drip
CC’s, don’t want no hotel, AirBnB me
I’m never stoppin’, I’m really on go-go
I keep a cup in my hand like a hobo
Codeine drink, I move a lil slo-mo
I went from noodlеs and then I had So-Ho’s
She want attention, thе VVS stones
She get what she want and she leave me alone
She can move stupid, I’m tellin’ her “Don’t”
She gon’ be hurt, then she go get my phone
High off prescription, I already smoked up a engine, I’m chillin’ and hittin’ the bong
I fell in love what I did, and I always be switchin’ my women, ho, we switch doors, okay
Hop out on bougie and Bape
I kicked the bitch out my section for hittin’ my vape
I run on Black people time
And I done ran up my money, I’m comin’ in late
I got some niggas who robbin’ and I got some White boys slidin’, ain’t talkin’ ’bout skates
Really could turn a Osama, but I ain’t condonin’ the violence, I put on the brakes
Ask that girl, “What we doin’?”
Huh, quit all the stupid, we screwin’
She back it up, I’m like, “Girl, what we doin’?
No disrespect, but like bitch, is we screwin’?”
Girl, what we doin’?
Quit actin’ stupid, like bitch, what we doin’?
I’m tryna’ fuck you, so bitch, what we doin’?
She tryna’ love me, like bitch, is you stupid?
I just wanna’ screw it

YSN Flow – Tryna Go Viral Song Details

Song: Tryna Go Viral
Singer: YSN Flow