Wicked Race Lyrics – Russ

Wicked Race Lyrics - Russ
Wicked Race Lyrics - Russ

Wicked Race Lyrics – Russ: Presenting the lyrics of the song “Wicked Race” sung by Russ.

Wicked Race Lyrics – Russ


30 and hotter than ever
I know my spirits made me millions like Connor McGregor
I took the long way
But I never stopped, I rerouted
They quit, the last mile is always the least crowded, uh
Get what I ask for, fuck who they clap for
My momma’s on her second passport, Ritchie Blackmore
She, rockin’ the Jeep, purple face Rolex
My liver used to be a pool of liquor, Joe Gomez
Villa Honegg, in Switzerland, just to rejuvenate
Listen to what’s not being said, learn to communicate
The sun’s shinin’, I love rhymin’
I took a shot of self-belief, got in the driver’s seat
I’m drunk drivin’
I’m tongue tied when I’m talking to myself
That’s how great I am, I’m countin’ my fingers after you shake my hand (Why?)
Trust issues is what ensues
After being fucked over by someone who said they fuck with you
The drugs in you got you feeling gassed
If you make it to 30, I’ll give you 30K in cash
You throwin’ nyash with that Nigerian self, uh
Bugus makin’ apps buildin’ Nigerian wealth, uh
If you don’t like yourself, then your palette’s not developed
She lyin’ on my head, I’m rockin’ Calvin Johnson’s helmet
Bitch I’m still myself but just a better version
This game is fake buddy love like Professor Sherman
Please don’t clump us all together, we ain’t family; there is no resemblance
I’m in an unhealthy relationship with progress, we both co-dependers
There’s unspoken tension when I take a day off
Can’t enjoy the off-season, ’cause I’m thinkin’ ’bout the playoffs
Guess that’s a tradeoff with being great
I’m stressed, I need pussy that makes me tap out, like Miesha Tate
Vacation in Greece and Spain
Operation just keep the faith
My mind and my body and my spirit
Are movin’ in one direction like Liam Payne
11 milly dollars in a year without being strange
These dudes got a pond, I got an ocean; I’m being Frank
And they tryin’ to keep me hidden, but they cannot see
That nothing can stop me
Mr. money maker, picked the bill up like Chauncey
She just want a man to clean her mess up, like Bronny
So please do not call me
I’m happily washing in Japanese hot springs
Half of me wants things to move at a quicker pace
The other half wants to put a pause on this wicked race

Aight that’s it, haha
Chomp 2.5
Bodybag, light work
Produced by me, haha

Russ – Wicked Race Song Details

Song: Wicked Race
Singer: Russ
Album: CHOMP 2.5
Produced by: Russ